East to West

The History of
Ugandan Asians

December 21, 2022 by Max Russel

On Saturday the 8th of October we had the chance to sit down with author and speaker Noreen Nasim who released her father’s memoir Expelled from Uganda in May 2021. In this brief conversation Noreen talked about identity, culture and the importance of documenting the lived experiences on this 50th anniversary of the Ugandan Asian expulsion. Noreen also addressed the difficulties that come with making individuals recount their memories and that often it takes time for them to be ready to share.

Noreen shares our passion for making sure individual’s lived experiences are recorded, transcribed, and documented before their voices can no longer be heard. She also touched on the importance of making sure the next generation becomes actively involved in writing this history and continues to write it into the future. You can read more about her work here.