East to West

The History of
Ugandan Asians


Reha Kansara is a reporter telling stories globally for radio and video for the BBC. She has reported extensively on the intersection of human rights and the digital world and has also served as the BBC's Africa Correspondent from Nairobi covering the pandemic and conflict regions in East Africa.

Reha is of East African Indian heritage. Her father grew up in Zanzibar and Kenya and her mother moved to the UK after the Ugandan Asian expulsion in 1972. Reha emphasises that "East African history is Indian/British history."

For the 50th anniversary of the expulsion, BBC reporter Reha Kansara follows her mum and aunt as they return to Uganda together for the first time.

Finding Home in Uganda (Audio)

Our World: Expelled from Uganda (TV Documentary)



Noreen Nasim released her father's memoir, Expelled from Uganda, in May 2021.

The book covers Amir Majothi's journey of displacement during the 1972 Ugandan Asian Expulsion, ordered by Idi Amin, President of Uganda.

Noreen is working hard with members of the South Asian diaspora to highlight lost stories within the communities affected, and is hoping to inspire a new generation of storytellers. She strongly believes in documenting family history now, before it's too late.

In response to her publication, Noreen has received global media attention, with interviews, podcasts and news coverage. Her success ultimately led to her very first TEDx talk in October 2021, focusing on the art of resilience and bringing awareness of the mass exodus to a world platform.



Dolar Vasani is an International Development Consultant and writer based in Johannesburg and London.

Her family were among the 80,000 people of Indian origin expelled from Uganda in 1972 on the orders of President Idi Amin.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the expulsion, she has curated a podcast series called Expulsion@50.

Listen here: